Thursday, January 19

A 30 day Goal

I have decided, after reading an inspiring Twitter post by @katgaskin  that I am going to challenge myself to 30 days of working out. I haven't been consistent in ages - probably since I finished school and didn't have easy access to a gym, and I won't lie: it's starting to show. I haven't gained tons of  pounds - yes some, but I miss my toned self.

So here's my challenge:

If I am able to work out every day for 30 days straight, I will reward myself with a nice new Lululemon sweater. 

I have been eyeing these for ages, but with their price it does take some sort of reward. And yes, I know you're not supposed to work out everyday, and you're supposed to give a day for rest. But there will be some days that my workout is going snowboarding - and that's sort of like a day of rest. Other days, I'll be doing a stretching DVD - not too hard of a workout. This is more to jump start a routine, and my greatest fear: I miss one day, then I'll miss two days. And, with shift work and call, it's very easy to justify. Maybe if I'm consistent for a month, then I'll be able to come up with a sustainable routine. 

If I miss a day, then it's back to another 30. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Ok count me in - i NEED to get into a consistent routine! And im the same - if i skip a day, i skip 5. Ill mostly be doing easy yoga because im so out of shape, but every day for 30 days! Today is day 1 (since i skipped yoga yesterday).

  2. LOL, great!! We will suffer in exercise-induced sore, out of shape muscles together! :D I thought about back dating this to yesterday, since I went snowboarding - but then figured that would be a cheat, and one extra day would probably do me more good then bad.


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