Sunday, January 22

Book Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy

If you scroll down, on the right side you will see of books that I am hoping to read in 2012. I will be adding to the list as new books come out throughout the year. I cannot promise I will get through all of them, but it's my goal. As I read them and write reviews, they will become a link. Please do add comments about these reviews about what you thought of these books if you have read them as well. 

I read these books during the beginning of January. They are young adult books, so expect something along the lines of Twilight and the Harry Potter series in terms of reading difficulty. That being said, they are a very political read.

I had a hard time getting into the first book, The Hungar Games - even with the 'hunger games' taking place. It's about the actual Hunger games taking place: where each colony selects a male and female child to fight to the death in an arena against other contestants from other colonies until only one remains. It's a way of reminding the colonies that the major central political power has emense control over them, espcially since they have been able to simply kill their children off for generations, in an effort to prevent revolt, and will continue to do so. It just wasn't my sort of read I guess - an interesting idea, and well written. But, I just wasn't pulled into it like I usually am, and I almost didn't read the other two books. I thought that maybe they would be along the same line - and I just wouldn't get pulled into it. Well, I was very wrong. Thank you to everyone who told me to keep reading.

I would have to say that the second, Catching Fire, is my favourite out of the series. And, I am finding it difficult to write about these books without giving too much away. To tell you generally what happens in the second and third book gives away the first. So I won't. I won't tell you much about the third either. Just that to me, the second book was the climax, and the height of everything. It's like this: the first book gave you a jist of their society; the second book smacked you across the face a couple times and built up an amazing plot - made you look both ways a couple times to be sure of what was going on; and the third book tied up all the ends together, and maybe you slapped you across the face a few times again.

The third, Mockingjay, would be my second favourite, of course leaving the first for the end. Luckily, I can tell you about the title of this book without ruining the story. The book is titled with the name of a bird present in the series that was a cross breed of a genetic creation of the government and a mocking bird. This symbol is used right from the start of the series. That's all I can say!

 These books definitly make you question and think about a lot of what might be going on. It's so hard trying to keep plots a secret! But they are worth a read - and they are so tiny, with larger print - it wouldn't take you no time at all to give them a try. You definitly have to read them all, and in order to understand fully what it going on. They all use very creative, and imaginative imagery - often in a brutal sense. They might not make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you read them, but they are worth a chance.

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