Saturday, January 14

Hello Project Life!

So, what should happen to come into my hands this month but Project Life. This is a wonderful project and kit that provides those who may not have time to commit to full-out scrapbooking, or those - like me - who are new to it, the ability to create a lovely looking scrapbook without the fuss.

The packaging is so beauitful - nice, thick boxes

 Most people are doing this project with a picture a day, and documenting a year per binder. Since I'm new to it, I'm just going to document important events / photos. It will make the project last a little longer, and it won't be as intimidating. I'm am going to document 2007 to whenever to in it - but I hope to have enough room to fill to the end of 2012. I have a few events that I had waiting for this kit, and so I'll be putting those together and sharing them with you!

The core kit - all my papers to make magic happen

Now to the best part: what is inside this lovely kit that I've received? Lots of goodies. The basic stuff I ordered - in order to complete the project - was a 'kit' that came with the following:

All the journalling cards are in those little boxes.

  • A core kit (Clementine edition)
    • 380 decorative journalling cards
    • 60 blank grid journalling cards
    • 32 bi-fold journalling cards
    • 8 first page, and 8 last page cards
    • 60 4x6 title cards
    • 60 3x4 filler cards
    • 6 sheets of arrow stickers
    • 6 sheets of colored day stickers
    • 6 sheets of clear day stickers
    • 6 sheets of coloured number stickers
    • 6 sheets of clear number stickers
  • A 12x12" binder (Clementine edition)
  • Dividers (package of 15 + sticker labels)
  • Big variety pack 1 of photo pocket pages 
  • 12x12 cardstock - 24 sheets (Clementine edition)

See - so much!! I also ordered some extras: some large envelopes and extra journalling cards - just in case I need them.

A sample of the assortment of filler cards.
I'm able to print all my photos at home, so I'll be able to move at a nice leisurely pace without having to worry about getting this or that picture developed and shipped to me. It will also allow me to make some custom-sized photo for my more creative moments.

The photo pockets and my box of extra journalling cards.
I'm sorry that I didn't take more pictures about the unpacking process - it was sort of a "kid-at-Christmas" sort of thing, and before I knew it, everything was out of it's boxes.

Is there anyone else working on Project Life? Either doing the photo a day or just trekking along at your own pace like myself?


  1. Ooooh... this looks so much fun! I love kits! I may just have to pick this up & do it the way youre doing it - major events, so that it lasts more than a year... so tempting..

  2. I love Becky Higgins' work! I've read her articles in Creating Keepsakes Magazine for years!
    Have fun with your kit and I look forward to seeing your pages!

  3. Your blog is just so adorable! :D I love your take on it and think that is a great way to approach it. I also really liked how you posted pics of the supplies and listed them. I'll be looking forward to seeing your pages.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

  4. I'm so impressed you're starting with 2007, good luck!

  5. I am waiting for my Project Life stuff to show up in the mail..can't wait! I will be doing what you are doing...starting with 2008 and working my way to the present.

  6. getting started is SO much fun...I am loving PL so much!

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