Thursday, January 19

My Creative Space

I had a couple days off this week, so I thought that I could work on a long forgotten blanket that I was crocheting. I picked up the yarn a long time ago when I saw it on sale. They were such bright and cheerful colours, and so I figured I'd have it done in no time - unfortunatly, things got busy and it all went into a corner to be forgotten - except when Oreo would lovingly drag it out, literally.
Not too far along yet, but that's okay.

The lovely blue that is going along with the green.
 I can't do anything fancy. This is just a simple blanket using single and double chain stitches...and occasionally a row of triple stitches just to keep things interesting.

I had originally learnt to crochet (and knit) when I had broken my wrist a couple years ago. I was told that when I got my cast off that my hand and arm would feel weak and 'funny' and so I figured doing an activity like this would help out in preventing that.

I've also been picking up the paint brush again to do some custom pieces and start again with my paintings.

Yes, there are cat treats on my studio desk. It's because of this little monster: 

As you can tell, I've been keeping quite busy :)

My desk is not quite large enough to hold everything.
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  1. ha ha ha I know how you feel about desk space... my desk is the same... tiny!! Looks like you make good use of such a smal space :)

  2. Lovely watercolor painting and crocheting! That's one of my favorite ways to relax - watercolors. I'am having so many of those W&N Cotman tubes, that I'm wondering if I ever get everything used up before it expires!


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