Tuesday, January 17

A Peak Inside My Sketchbook

Just a peak into what I've been up to lately in my sketchbooks.

 These are taken from my little blue square Hand-Book brand, it's about 5x5". I must say I love, love love the quality of these books and how well they take different media.

I'm a pretty 'scribbley' sketcher when I'm trying to jot down ideas before they leave my head. I also tend to write a lot of notes.


  1. I love love love that graph!! Will have to try that myself... :)

  2. I love your sketchbook. What a great way to capture random thoughts and watch them develop into something beautiful.

  3. I love taking peeks into sketchbooks!

  4. How cool. Love the sketchbook. Are you participating in the Arthouse co-op Sketchbook project? I love the idea of sketching, but totally stink at drawing, so I avoid it even though I really would love to do it.

  5. Cool sketches! I'm trying to do photographs of mine once in a wile, but they always turn out to dark for posting on my blog. These turned out very lovely, though! Are you using a large sketchbook?

  6. Hi Halina: Most of those pictures were taken from a 5x5" sketchbook. I just have to wait for days when I have really good lighting, and then I pop them into photoshop and adjust a little bit :)

    Kimberlee: Yes, I am participating in the Sketchbook Project, I'm almost done :)


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