Wednesday, January 25

Project Life First Pages

I have started working on my Project Life binder. I decided to start with the earliest pictures that I have from after leaving home (since I already have an album made up from when I was home). So it's starting at my tine in University in 2004. I didn't have many photos from then, so it won't take up much room.

From my first and second years in university 
I never thought I would do much journalling - since that's just not me, but I am finding that I am writing more than I thought I would.

Lucky, I had some memorabilia saved to include
All my materials all laid out - yes, I'm a messy worker.
 I've also pulled the Styrofoam out of the Core Kit box, and placed all the cards back inside loosely. It's easier for me to flip through them and firgure out what I want to use for each spread. Some people have laid everything all out from the start and then add their pictures - but this approach of choosing as I need them suits me better.

SO many paper elements!
Materials Used 
Clementine Core Kit
Pocket Pages Design A

Pocket Pages Design C
Pocket Pages Design F
Sharpie Pen

Birds Blue Washi Tape


  1. I am so glad you've found yourself journaling more than expected. I always find the story behind the pictures to be so important. We may think the picture says it all but years from now it won't be so clear. This was brought home to me, when we got a big box of random pictures from my Grandparents. We have not idea who half the people are or where they are. So sad to have lost all those memories.

  2. looks like a lot of fun!.. i love all the paper too... i can never get enough of pretty paper. ;)

  3. So glad that you are enjoying this! I'm loving the journaling aspect too! (More than I thought I would!) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I am a super messy worker too! your pages look great :)


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