Monday, January 23

Sketchbook Project 2012 Update - the last one.

I have finished my last spread of the 2012 Sketchbook Project from Art House Coop. I thought to 'celebrate' the end of my sketchbook, I would show you the process that I went through to complete the page. Ps. This will be a long post, but mostly pictures.

My last spread of pages. On the back of both sides are lots of layers, so I can do some crazy mixed media here without worrying about bleeding through.

"Bliss" is the theme - at the end of a long distance relationship, it's total bliss to not have distance between us anymore and to spend more time together again.

Adding a layer of gel medium to help lay down some string. This will hold it into place very nicely. The bulldog clip on the corner prevents previous pages from 'falling forward' onto my wet work.

I laid down the string. All I had was yarn, so yarn it is! I also put some bits of crackle paste on the work too, but I'm not sure how well it will crackle. We'll see - experimentation is always fun :). Let dry overnight, or for most of the day at least.

After laying the string, I went over all of it with gel medium to ensure that when I started painting it wouldn't just soak up the paint since the yarn is so absorbent. It also reinforces it to the paper.

My gel-medium is on it's last few breathes I noticed - it's a couple years old, and it's starting to get chunky. Okay for mixed media pieces, but I think I'll have to get some new stuff for my fine art pieces.
After it's dry, I put on a generous layer of gesso.

ps. The crackle paste turned out nice too.

I layed down some colour next, and will be laying down a few more layers, and trying to use a nice dark colour to bring out those crackles more.
A few more layers of a paint, and a heart and it's done. Because of the crackle, I also add a protective top coat.
...and that's it! The last page! I hope you enjoyed this walk-through as much as I enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned for it's 'good bye' post, and a post of all the materials I used in this project!

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  1. Fabulous sketchbook! I'm almost done with mine too and will be posting the finished project soon :)


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