Wednesday, January 18

Sketchbook Project 2012 Update

Many of you who had been following me on will know that I have been participating in ArtHouse Co-op's 2012 sketchbook project this year. My theme was "Long Trips and Short Phone Calls." Very fitting since the past few years, due to school, my relationship has been long distance. My 2012 sketchbook is coming to a close, but here are my more recent updates:

There's only one more spread left that needs to be filled. I'm so close! I know I had originally planned to be done a lot earlier, but these things happen. It isn't anything last minute, yet.

Some amazing texture that I have going on in the last page.

Is anyone else participating in the 2012 Sketchbook Project? If so, drop me some links below. I'd love to take a look what everyone else is doing.

My last two pages!! So close!!

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