Friday, January 20

Weekly Review

Dabbling in my Sketchbook.
This week came off to a good start. I had three days off, in a row, where I had nothing - absolutely nothing - planned (except for one tiny appointment on the first day, but we won't count that since I would have been sleeping through that time if it didn't happen). To truly appreciate this, you must understand that I work shift work in a hospital - x-ray technologist - and so my schedule is nothing close to consistent. I'm not bashing my schedule, it works well for me :) But usually it's only a day off here and there: work a couple, get another day off. I often work weekends, and getting more than one day off in a row isn't too common. And then, when I do have more than one day off there is something planned. So this is like a mini-vacation for me, honest.

Monday, I vegged on my couch, sketched in my sketchbook and finished the first biography that I have ever read: Tina Fey's BossyPants. I'm going to review this book later, so I'll tell you more about it then. Crocheted a bit of my afagan - and continued to work on it throughout the week.

The perfect colour for my nails :)
Tuesday: I painted all afternoon long. I haven't pulled out my paints to complete an actual finished piece yet this 2012, so it felt good and refreshing. I am very glad that I took the couple week break from them, cause now going back I truly appreciate them.

Wednesday: I drove up to Blue Mountains, Collingwood and took to the hill for a couple hours. I wasn't sure how it was going to be, since it was raining all Tuesday, but half way up with the snow storming, and I was already past half way so I wasn't turning around - like can't see in front of you storming, like: 'Hey Buddy! If you had put snow tires on your car I wouldn't be stuck behind you as you continuously try to drive up that hill and then slide back down"...yea that stormy. But the hill was amazing!! SO much powder, it was pure bliss! And being a weekday = board down the hill and right onto the lift to go back up. No waiting, no lines :) I only stayed for two hours even though the snow slowed down a bit. I was worried it might come back worse than before.

I felt like I accomplished so much during those three days, and that impeding "everything is coming down around me because I need an extra two days a week" feeling - well it's gone now :)

Thursday, I went to work. And then hoping to start my 30 day challenge, I got called back in to do some emergency x-rays. I got home a little before 10 - driving was super slow in that horrible weather we got. But, I still managed to fit in a 20 minutes quickie of a workout, and here I am cooling down / calming down before I try to sleep. I hope I'm not too pumped up!

I also came across these wonderful books called "Smash* Journals" online on the internet. I have just purchased Project Life, but I am still pondering them since they look like so much fun!
After looking up some posted online I see that some people are treating them like a scrapbook and doing them up all fancy - and I can see the draw in that, since it's quite a nice book - and they are nice. But I'm doing Project Life as a scrapbook, so if I did get it, it would be to just 'smash*' items in - I would try to put some order to it I'm sure, but I wouldn't make layouts I don't think. 

Friday: Today I'm at work - I write this up the Thursday night before - so all I can hope for is a good drive tomorrow morning and a steady, not crazy, day at work.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful week and have a good weekend!

  Ps. There will be a freebie download in my blog post tomorrow - keep your eyes open ;)


  1. I got in about 30 min or so of skating last night. Day one - check! :)

    Sounds like a productive week - I can't wait to get my smash book!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic few days off. I dont know if I could handle that schedule - I love having days off in a row.

    Good for you on the 30 day challenge. I wish I had the initiative to do that myself. I just loving creating so much more than working out ;-)

    Happy Friday - Brandi


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