Friday, January 27

Weekly Review

This week was a pretty steady week. I'm on a seven-day stretch at work, and I have a lot of artsy stuff on the go.

The most important thing this week I suppose is that I mailed out my sketchbook. There's Oreo trying to steal some of the spot light when I was trying to take some last pictures of it. I also completed a pretty large commission, and picked up a few more potentials on my online shop, so that's keeping me busy on that side of my life. I've still managed to make a bit of room for my sketchbook though, and will be sharing some more updates soon.

I've also started to read The Night Circus, and so I'm sure a review will be coming up in the weeks to come. I was drawn to the cover - and I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, well - that's usually what draws me in.

I went to see Underworld: Awakening  on Monday night after work. A sort of date-night. (In 3D, of course - although I honestly didn't know it was 3D until they handed me the glasses).

It was a typical action sort of movie, taking advantage of the 3D opportunities in their effects. It is the fourth in the series, and I had quite honestly only seen the first one that I can remember - maybe bits and pieces of the other ones in passing. In this chapter, Selene wakes up to find that she was cryogenically frozen for the past 12 years. During that time, humans made it their main effort to eradicate the Vampires and Lycans from society. I still enjoyed the movie regardless of not knowing what happens before. It does a quick 'recap' at the beginning that helps a lot. I also felt that it was fair to see this movie - since the last one we had gone to was my choice, Lion King in 3D. He enjoyed it - who wouldn't enjoy Lion King, seriously? But, suffice to say - I owed him a more 'grown up' movie.

I've also stayed on par with my 30 day goal - it's been just over a week now today of working out. I was barely able to move in the beginning, but my muscles are starting to warm up better now. Some nights are hard to get motivated, especially if I'm working the later shift - but so far, no misses :)

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  1. I think I'm headed to see Underworld this weekend as our valentine date, oh so romantic! At least I get to pick the restaurant for dinner.


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