Wednesday, February 15

Introducing Oreo

For those who are new, I would like to introduce to you Oreo:

Before Christmas, some couch cuddling...this is actually false, he's not much
of a it's more like me forcing him to sit with me for this picture.
I adopted Oreo about five years ago. That was his name at the agency, and it just stuck. He was an adult cat, with tons of attitude at the time already. I'm not sure how he came to the adoption agency, but after his first week at my place it was apparent that he was never an outdoor cat.
He actually likes to sleep like this, on his back all sprawled out
 What happened, it one day my roommate then  left the door open - still not use to having a cat around - and he ran out. Once I realized he was gone, I went outside to see if I could find him around the house. It was pouring rain, and where was he? All I hear is a bawling meow - he's under the back steps looking at me with a, "I didn't plan on it being raining" look, just waiting to be rescued from the wet.
Capturing his crazy thick and long whiskers
Another instance that demonstrated to me he was a true house cat: we were sitting in the backyard. I mouse jumps out, he jumps on the mouse, it squeaks - and he jumps off of it! What a silly cat. He has since then fixed that instinct, and has caught a mouse or two.

Like I said, he's not big on cuddling. But he does like people. He likes to be where people are. He'll sit where everyone else, he'll rub up against them, and he loves getting his nose scratched. He's been my partner in crime for a long time, and I love him dearly.

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