Monday, February 6

Project Life Update

I've been working steady away at my Project Life now for a couple weeks. As you might recall, I am going back to 2007 and trying to fit a couple years of memorable moments in one binder. 

I'm glad to say, that Cricut cutter has finally been put to beyond good use.
 It's a slow process, of going through old pictures that are stored on an external hard drive, and going through pictures that other people have posted online on facebook.

I also ran into a snag a while ago as to what to do with the 6x6" slots of Design E. I'm not much of a scrapbooker - ugh, I am not a scrapbooker, this is my introduction into that world - and so I have zero extra supplies.
My first attempt at a photo collage for PL
So I did what I do know how to do - I made a photo collage in photoshop, and then added some areas that I could write on after it printed out. It's a good way of using up random photos that either didn't belong anywhere, or just didn't fit anywhere. 

I'm hoping to create this side of Design E all photo collages, and then maybe once I have had a bit more time to think about it, make a more stylized layout for the otherside to insert pictures into .  I just have this one little corner done - it does take a long time going through pictures and trying to decide what you want where. 


  1. Love your solution! That looks better than the way they wanted you to do it anyway. :)) I was just working on my project life last night, from last year.

  2. That's a huge project to take on. I just decided to start from this year and hopefully I'll go back and do some of the previous years later.

  3. Hi. Wow this is a huge project to undertake!! I love the collage!!

  4. You are doing a GREAT job! That is a huge undertaking. I'm working on 2011 as well. Thanks for sharing & have a great week!


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