Monday, February 13

Smash* Journals

Upon looking for new ideas for my Project Life photo album scrapbook, I stumbled upon these little lovlies called Smash* Journals. It was a couple weeks ago (see post, here) that I first mentioned it, and I decided that I would only look into it further if I actually went to a Michaels. I wasn't going to order it online and pay for the shipping. Well, that opportunity presented itself this weekend while visiting in Whitby. I needed to go to Michaels to purchased a paint brush, and saw the display of them. With a 50% off coupon, I was the new owner.

Here is what I have smashed* so far, and a view of a page that I really liked:

As you can tell, it's more 'clippings' than tickets, and stubs and other memorabilia. That is because with Project Life, all those items are going into there. This journal is more of a bundle of inspiration and feel-good vibes.

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  1. Nice! I was working on my smash journal this weekend too - cleaned up some scraps from my desk & such. :)


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