Friday, February 10

Weekly Review

This week started off with a beautiful morning snowboarding at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. It was nice, sunny and warm and the hills were great. What a great morning! My picture was a little squinty since when I take off my goggles, it is so bright!

Because it was so clear, the views of Collingwood from the top of the mountain were gorgeous!

Tuesday it was back to work, I'm on a 6-day stretch.  I'm still on track with my 30-day workout goal. Thursday was day 22 down. I'm so close, and pretty proud of myself. It's also gotten to the point where I feel that I have to do something each day - which was the whole point of this goal, so get back into a routine of wanting to do it, instead of wanting to skip and veg.

I did a huge clean up of my apartment, it's all sparkly and spotless (with the exception of the storage closet). It was in anticipation of my middle brother coming to visit - but he bailed, so now it's just clean with no boys to mess it up again lol.

This weekend I'm working at the hospital, and I'm on call so I'm not sure what I'll get done. I know I'll get orders out, and work on some commissions, but I don't know what 'extra dabblings' I'll get up to. I'm sure I'll be able to fit in some sketchbook time during one of my evenings :)

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