Friday, February 24

Weekly Review:

This week I set to the task of trying to rescue some roses that James got for me. They're the mini-pots that you can get anywhere. If you look closely at these plants, you'll see that more times than none, the entire "plant" is made up of 3-4 separate plants.

These roses got attacked by some nasty mites, and so I treated the mite problem, and then separated them and planted them in separate pots - putting them in separate locations so they could not reinvest themselves. I really hope they live, I love indoor roses, and I had managed to keep one rose plant alive and blooming year long for a couple years before - it was lost to mites that it picked up from a plant I purchased at a grocery store. Always check those plants before you bring them home!

I also got lots of painting done this week. I had a couple days off to make up for the weekend that I had worked. They're all listed in my shop at It's nice to just tucker away at things. I also dabbled in my sketchbook lots and have planned some pieces to be started.

I'm also maintaining my working out. I'm not doing it everyday like before, but most days. The 30 day challenge really got me back into a mindset to want to work out. And I can't say that I can complain about the results.

Today, I'm visiting in Whitby. This post is a little late because I wasn't able to hook up my laptop to their internet, and I only just discovered the Blogger ap for my android phone. It's pretty snowy and storming here, so I'm just staying warm inside, getting all my tax information ready to hand over to the tax people, who send it off to the tax man. I'll be so happy when this is all sent off and done.

The picture is of a wierd fish I saw in the pet store the other day.

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