Friday, March 2

Friday Review

This week kept me busy at work. I did a major clean of the apartment Thursday night, so that I could just be creative all weekend without worrying about messiness. I'm not sure about all of you, but I tend to work better when it's spotless - just leaves more room for creative thoughts other than 'where did I leave that paint brush? Is it under this pile of papers? it fall behind that' Yes, way more room for creative thoughts.

My poor little rose plant that James got me - and which got utterly invested in mites - is slowly springing back to life. It sat with no leaves for about two weeks - just dead looking sticks. But roses are tougher than people give them credit - or so I think. So I just let those dead looking sticks sit there, and watered them, and 'fed' them. And....behold! Leaves started growing again :) I'm not sure if the absence of the mites is that they're sleeping, or that they died from starvation during the 'no leaves' period. Changing the soil helped for sure, and I am still keeping a close eye for those tiny white pests. Here's hoping we are in the clear! 

I have some commissions I'll be finishing up this weekend, and I have some new requests. So I will be looking those over to see if they're for me. I'll also start one of the smaller exercises from one of my new art books, "Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project" I linked it up here to the UK Amazon site, as it is the only site that offers a preview of this book - I had meant to link it up for my post the other day, but the thought just left my mind and didn't come back until now. I won't really be tackling any of the exercises in the Botanical Sketchbook until I've done much of the exercises in the first which focus on drawing techniques needed to properly succeed. I do really like the looks of their Natural History book as well, but I will wait until I get through these ones.

Tonight I'm going out of town for an annual "Beach Party" event that is held at a Legion - yes, it's a small town. It's something that I had missed out the past year or two, but work shifts fell just the right way that I am able to go this time. I hope to get some pictures to get another Project Life layout complete. This year so far has just been a lot of work, and not any 'picture worthy' events, so there's not much in 2012 yet. Although with all the weddings we will be attending this summer / fall - there will be tons of pictures from that!

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  1. Angie, my husband is the same he cannot function in mess. I try to keep order for reason even with a 2 year old. You certainly have a green thumb!



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