Wednesday, March 14

Inside My Sketchbook

I got a new sketchbook last week, one with beautiful watercolour paper! I used some Washi tape, and a white marker pen to create a more creative spine for it:

The first pages are always so important to me. I always want them looking very lovely, here's my 'introduction page':

A watercolour exercise from one of the many painting books I have. It's the lyrics to "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last. I wanted to see just how much abuse the watercolour paper in this sketchbook could take. There's some scratching into the paper, and lots of layers. It faired well.

A continuing exercise from my Botany Course book, making a page of winter colours. I will add to these as I work on other pieces and stumble across colours that suit one of the four seasons.

I can't wait to use this particular sketchbook more! :)

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  1. Ooh! I love that idea (keeping pages with swatches of colours for each season)! Ooooh the possibilities!! Hmmmmmmm...


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