Thursday, March 8

My Creative Space

I finished up all the painting portions of outstanding commissions this week. One still has to be printed out (wedding invites), but I'm just waiting on confirmations before going ahead with that :)

I also completed a pending family tree order this week. Here's some pictures of the progress:

Working on my Sweetest Dreams painting, available in the store.

I also signed up for a large project. It was a pretty spontaneous decision...not sure if I should have. But, spaces were filling up quickly right before my eyes and it was join right then or go on without it. And who can go on without?. So now I am one of 1000 participants in The Map Project....yea, that's right. I'm going to make a map. Nervous? Totally! Any ideas...nothing solid. Probably a bad life choice? Well, we'll wait and see about that one. ;)

See more creative spaces, here.


  1. Love your designs, and the color combinations too.
    I will start following your creative blog.
    Ana BC


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