Thursday, March 15

My Creative Space

This week I was avidly working on my Map Project.

I guess my favourite moment this week was when James was over, and was looking - very closely - at the map and I ask, "What do you think of the whale?"..."What whale?" he replied...."Uhhhh the big blue one right behind Africa?"...yea...I think he was distracted by shimmery Antarctica.

There is still lots, and lots to go. But the tedious part of the actual landmasses are's all fun from here on out!

I've also started - and started stumbling - on a new acrylic painting that I'm working on as well. I started it Monday, and it's sat like this since:

This painting is eventually supposed to have either a bluebird or a robin on a branch - both of which I've seen since the weather has gotten nicer. I'm stumped on the branch. I've been working out ideas though, and I am getting close to figuring out that branch. It's all a matter of composition - I don't want it unbalanced with a large, dark branch - and I don't want it to attract all the attention - it's the bird that's supposed to be the focal point. And, the way I have painted the sky I won't be able to correct if I make the branch wrong. So I'm trying to plan well. The vibe I'm trying to aim for: modern, minimalist and impressionistic. Yea...good luck, I know. LOL. Also not sure if I'll be keeping it landscape or portrait, but the sketches are seemingly saying that it might just be straying portrait. 

Below is my palette after working on the sky, and my selection of acrylics that I've built up over the years. 

Yea, I use both Golden and Liquitex paints. To me each brand brings something a little different to the table, and depending on what I want to complete one may be a better choice than another. I use them interchangeably often, and have never had any problems. I do tend to stick to Golden mediums more though - honestly, I'm not sure why - but I won't mess with something that works.

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  1. I've had many similar experiences which leads me to conclude that boys are VERY observant. You should see Pat when he's trying to find his hat or keys or the remote. *snort*

    Great painting but I know how that block feels!

    I LOVE the whale - can't wait to see what else you add.

    I like Golden mediums too (though your paint collection puts mine to shame). My "palette" has little wells in it & is plastic so I try to clean it after I use up all the paint... I feel like I'd waste so much paint pushing it around on a flat surface... how do you do it?


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