Thursday, March 1

New Art Books!!

I received some new art books in the mail last night, courtesy of a Christmas gift card to Chapters:

They're both botanical art books. I am really enjoying painting my "collections" series, and I thought that these might help me out in getting things more precise and developing my skills. I also think that they will help to round out my art skills over all in general - in being able to paint what I see, and translate what I see to a finished piece.

Both of these books had lovely reviews from others who have used them. The first, "Botanical Sketchbook" follows one artist as she completed a botanical course, whereas the second is a botanical course (not the one that the first book follows).

They both have lovely illustrations to inspire and very helpful notes. I think I will follow the "course" chapter by chapter to try and get the most that I can from it.

I look forward to learning with these two beautiful new books to add to my collection :)

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