Tuesday, March 6

Project Life Update

Not much has been happening yet in 2012. Since I had decided to only put into Project Life more significant events (not a page layout / week like most), I didn't have much to work on.

Luckily, this past weekend was a 'Beach Party' at the local legion. It's an annual event, and always a great time.

  I also wasn't so much a fan of the photo collages that I did for the 6x6" slots in Photo Pocket Pages Design E, so I've tried a different approach.

This will work very well also to all those who are trying to put in their 4x4" 'instagrams' into their Project Life layouts. It also uses up that wonderful paper that came with the kit (if you bought everything as one large kit like I did).

I used some "non-Project Life" items for these layouts:
  • Generic Date Stamp - can find at any office supplies store
  • Some random patterned paper that I had - no idea who the company is, but it worked well with the orange
  • "Smash Captions"
You can see more Project Life, here.


  1. Great LOs!! I love the design - for my PL, I'm using all stash items (hoping that works for me) and I love that you used some here as well.

  2. I love what you've done with the 6x6 squares. Very nice!

  3. love how you are using project life! It is amazing to see the endless possibilities there are!

  4. I have yet to use my 6X6 and love what you did.


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