Tuesday, March 27

Project Life Update

I have finally taken some photos this year to 'work' with in my Project Life. I've also splurge, and purchased one of the digital kits, so that I can add text to my pictures, and print out some horizontal journalling cards for all those horizontal slots that I have going on.

We watched "The Lorax", and loved the 'unless' quote, so I thought that I would incorporate it:

Also, got a great St. Patrick's Day page:

My favourite photos from the entire night would have to be the "Happy Faces and Angry Faces" that we did. The angry faces just look so goofy all the time, especially in our green apparel.

See more project life, here.


  1. brilliant! so full of life! love that little lorax quote!!!!

  2. that's a great idea to use quotes from the movies you see, I love that! and the st. patty's day page is awesome!


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