Tuesday, March 13

Tutorial: Image Transfers Using Light

Sometimes you need to transfer a complicated image, and re-sketching it out just isn't going to do the job. For this method, you need a large window (large enough for your papers). The image you are copying needs to be taken out of your sketchbook (if in your sketchbook) or printed onto paper. If you're an artist who has a lightbox for tracing, then you're lucky! This tutorial is for us, less fortunate, artist...or, even if you have a lightbox - if you're tracing large scale, then this is still for you!

I used this method to get my project started for The Map Project by Arthouse. I needed to draw a map of the world, and to be honest: I wasn't up to fighting with the drawing to be sure everything looked right. I printed out a simple map on an appropriate scale and used that. Now, I do not condone you printing out other artworks and tracing and copying other artists. That's horribly bad! This is a map of the world, something that has been reprinted a zillion times, so I deemed it morally okay. Also, it's a free contribution to a group art project, so that makes it okay as well. And let me honest: anyone who has drawn / painted a map in recent years did not do so looking up from outer space - they all based their basic outlines on a previous map of sorts. 

Let's get started!

When tracing your image, be sure to use a light pencil. I used a 3H pencil to keep lines light. Also, you're going to need a fairly nice day out to do this. Obviously, since the sun is our key tool here.

First tape the image to your window. Yes, I realize that I'm missing a
small part of Antarctica. 

Tape your other paper over top, being sure to centre it nice.

Starting to trace. It's important to have a really sharp pencil, especially
with a map.

Almost done Europe...so many tiny countries!
You just keep working on your way, until it's all complete. Your hand will get tired, especially if it's as large as this piece. But it'll be worth it in the end, and less headaches all around.

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