Friday, March 9

The Week in Review:

This week started off with a glorious long weekend - complete with a delicious sushi dinner...yummy! I got lots of creative stuff done and hung out with Oreo lots, and felt nice and refreshed for work on Monday. I know it looks awkward with Oreo in the picture below, but he's a big boy, and there's just so much of him to hold with just one arm - while balancing a camera in the other!

I posted a new painting to my shop, "Sweetest Dreams" Of course, it's featuring dear Oreo from above. He's been extra loving this past while so maybe that's why he's crept into this painting.
Besides working on commissions and still for my online store, I got some personal art items worked on as well. I got some Project Life done, as you've seen in an earlier post. And later this weekend I'll be sharing what I've included in my Smash journal. I also worked a bit with my Botanical Illustration Course book, I'll be sharing some of that next week.

Oreo and I had a cuddle-fest in bed as I was reading "The Gunslinger"...
a series that James has been on me to read for ages lol. 
The boy got sick this week, so Monday night I took care of him making him a nice soup - recipe to come later this month! Tuesday was another day off - This is the one thing I adore about shift work: random days off. I was hoping to go snowboarding on Thursday, but it rained and all the snow from our huge storm last weekend left. So I worked on a new project that I had signed up for. There is a larger post on this project coming up later today. I was going to wait a little but longer to post, but as this project is due quite quickly, I don't want to drag things out.


  1. I read The Gunslinger a little while ago.... and didn't enjoy it at all. It just... never went anywhere. I heard King wrote these over a period of years and I could totally tell. Very disjointed... not sure if I'll bother reading the next ones in the series... maybe they're better...?

  2. It will turn out beautiful! I like what you have already painted.


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