Friday, March 16

Weekly Review:

I've gotten tons of painting done this week, I think mostly due to the fact that most evenings I was not on call and I was the early person in to work - and therefore, the early person out!

It's been beautiful outside, really gorgeous spring weather. Oreo is thrilled, since that means the patio door stays open and he can meow and growl at all the various critters outside now.

I went for a run on Thursday, which I haven't done since last summer. I've never been much of a 'run outside' sort of person, I do prefer the gym. But that isn't working quite into my schedules, so I think that I'll try to run outside a couple times a week at least. My goal is to run to and from a point on the trail behind my house without stopping - I have no idea of the distance, but it seems far enough to be a goal that I should be able to achieve in a month or two lol.

I've started reading the third book in the Dark Tower series now, "The Waste Lands". It's pretty good, but I guess I was so tired from work - and the time change, it always gets me! - that I fell asleep while reading it one evening lol. Oh well, I guess I needed the sleep. I woke up to all my dinner dishes all washed up - thanks honey!

I'm heading over to the boys house for the weekend, so that should be a lot of fun. We will be seeing friends on Saturday that we haven't seen in ages. We are completely over due for a visit and I cannot wait to see them! I've still yet to congratulate them on their engagement in person, and that happened way back in December!

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