Friday, March 23

Weekly Review

This week started with a wonderful weekend with friends, celebrating St. Patrick's Day. We got to finally meet up with our newly engaged friends and got to see the progress of their new house that is being built. It's exciting to see how excited they are!

I picked up some new paints this weekend too, as you've seen earlier this week I was playing around with them. They were the paints suggested by the botanical course book that I had picked up. I only picked up the colours that I didn't already have. So now, I'll be able to start working away on the colour mixing exercises suggested - it's always good to practice colour mixing with new paints :)

I'm on a seven day stretch at work, that had started on Tuesday, but I had a few evenings to myself. I ended up going on some runs to take in the beautiful weather that we've been given lately. My leg muscles are quickly building a 'memory' and the runs are getting better - I'm running further, and with less walking intervals. I've also done some of the yoga DVDs that I have after to really stretch out those muscles so I'm not limping around the next day. I hope to have some time soon to get my bike ready as well, once it's not so muddy anymore I hope to go out on my bike down the trails behind my house.

I also did a major clean of my apartment, and opened up all the windows to air out the stuffiness. it's nice to have it spick and span. The fridge and cupboards got a good cleaning as well. I also bought some curtains for my living room...yes they've been sans curtains since I moved in. They really did pull the whole apartment together making it look more complete. There had always felt like there was something missing, and it didn't quite feel homely - and that totally fixed it....if only I had known it would have that effect.

I've been working away steadily on my Map Project as well. It's taking a little but longer than I had anticipated - but it's also turning out a little more detailed / complex than I had planned - isn't that always how it turns out? I've dabbled in my sketchbooks lots this week as well.

I'm hoping to get a great deal done on my map project, as well as finish a couple assignments for an online course that I'm taking...and of course, dabbling in the sketchbooks this weekend :)

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