Friday, March 30

Weekly Update

This week had a busy start. I got called in most nights, and even a night I wasn't on call - so in terms of 'getting stuff done'....nothing happened. I had Tuesday off, so there was a lot of catching up there, but that day first started with a nice sleep-in; one that was definitely needed and deserved.

I also got lots of progress made on my Map Project, I'm sharing with you here just a tiny tibit - I have a larger update coming up. Where is is right there on the left is way far from where it is now...lots of progress has been made. Although, tons of work is still left. Baby steps :)

It was my older brother's birthday on Monday the 26th - he turned 29. My mom's birthday is today, the 27th; and my dad's is tomorrow - the 28th. Crazy, yes..easy to remember - very lol. We all pitched in to get my brother an mp3 player, one of those tiny ones with the touch screens. And then us children got my parents some gift cards to Amazon. They had some things already picked out on there, and this way we don't have to worry about things getting to them on time.

I'm on the fourth book now of the Dark Tower series. Things are starting to be explained more, as they keep on reflecting on Roland's past (the main character, the gunslinger). There's a bit of romance in this segment, as they reflect on an old love of Roland's past, Susan. I'm about 60% through this book, so it can go anywhere - and there have already been some shocking turns in this book, and previous books so I wouldn't be surprised if this one had some of the same.

I got a few paintings done this week. I've started incorporating some collage elements into my watercolour trees. I had ordered some pretty papers, and when I got them in immediatly envisioned them in my artwork. I will be sharing those in a larger update, but you can see some already posted in my shop.

My Watercolour Palette form this week.
I work again this weekend, but have some scattered days off next week. This week just flew by!

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