Monday, April 23

Daffodil Pastel Painting Process

After being pretty successful with the Cardinal Pastel painting that I had done, I wanted to try a Daffodil. I used  my PanPastels to block in the background and general shapes, and then moved to my NuPastels to work on the actual flower and get in the grunt of the work. Please forgive me photos, I painted this at night, and so the lighting is completely off.

Drew out the outlines, and used a grid to be sure my flower was proportional

Blocked in with PanPastels

Add some of the larger shade areas

Adding some highlights over those shaded spots.
At this point, I'm thinking this might not turn out so great.

Try too avoid working on the trumpet lol.

Starting to work on the 'trumpet' of the flower

Almost done...then I take a second look

The middle part was a little too big, so I fixed that, and added in more highlights

All done!!
I wish my camera took pictures with more 'true' colour
I might work on the background a little bit more, so I haven't given it a spray of fixative yet, and until I do I don't want to put it into my scanner. This piece took about 2.5 hours, and did that time fly!

There was a moment or two where I thought that this just wasn't going anywhere good...but then it takes a magical turn. It was the same experience with the bird. I think it's b/c I just don't have enough values / pastel on the paper yet and it looks discouraging, but if I keep adding and blending and highlighting and shading a little bit here and there, then it all comes together - and very well. I am once again shocked at the results

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