Thursday, April 26

Map Project Finished! (Creative Space)

I finished my Map Project hosted by Arthouse Coop this week! Yippie! It turned out wonderfully:

The best part was folding it really gave it the final touch of being a map. The submission could be no larger than 4x6" so I've folded up my 18x24" map down to that size:

Here is the "unfolding": looks so much better with all those fold lines in, definitely the final and essential effect :D

In the end the following were used to complete this mixed media project:

  • Watercolour (majority)
  • Collage elements
  • Acrylic Paint
  • White Ink
  • Black Ink / Markers
  • Iridescent medium
  • Home-made tear-drop stencil
  • Cling-wrap 

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