Tuesday, April 10

PanPastel Inspirations

I'm still eagerly awaiting those PanPastels in the mail....Due to the long weekend, mail didn't move on Friday or Monday - so even though any other week I'd probably have them today, I'm sad to say it might not be until Friday - and then, I'll be at work during the day, it will be left at the depot which will be closed all weekend...it'll be torture. 

So while waiting, I've been avidly browsing the internet, especially wetcanvas.com - great resource for all artist! And I want to share with you artworks that I have found that have made me want to get these new goodies:
From DonnaDowney.com : I love how the pastels brought out the texture so
much on this mixed media piece.
From  www.charlotteherczfeld.com : the vibrant colours in this piece are simply
From deborahsecor.blogspot.com : Again the colours are just so vibrant
and the painterly effect that she achieved here is stunning. 
From nelliewindmill.com : I love how this artist plays with the pastels
in her mixed media piece. They definitely add something special to it. 
Andddd....This is the exact set that is on it's way to meeeee :D

Its a nice beginners set, I think. It comes with some soft tools so that I can get right into it and start dabbling...whenever it makes it way over here...hrrmmm. I had also ordered some pastel board and a pan specifically designed to hold all these beauties so they're not scattered (which would increase the risk of me knocking one of them over and them smashing all up...yea, I've done it tons of times to make-up, I'm not risking these guys). I also ordered some pastel ground by Golden - so I can apply that to some watercolour ACEOs to be able to take up the pastels better, and even canvas! And of course, I ordered fixative....gotta have that!

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