Saturday, April 21

Weekly Review

This was another week busy with work at the hospital. I was also working on the last assignment in my Continuing Education Computed Tomography course that I'm taking. That was sent out last night, so it's done, and all that's left is the final exam in May - yea...I don't mind assignments, they're even very interesting at times. But exams are my least favourite thing, I'd take an essay over it any day!

The new Sketchbook Project was also released this week! And that is very exciting news! I'll have to admit I wasn't going to sign up at first. I had been conteplating it since sending off my last sketchbook and my mind had been made up on not doing it. Then, they came out with all those smaller, very fun projects and it completely got me back into I will be signing up for it again this year. And I will be signing up early, so that I have lots of time to work on it. I'm still trying to decide on which subject / idea to go on, and I've narrowed it down to: Chronicle, Chapbook and Sketchbook. I did like the sound of the Almanac, espcially since growing up there was always one lying around the house, but I couldn't think of how to approach it and so I think it just isn't my thing. I'm leaning very heavily towards the Chapbook - I just like how it sounds, and my last submission was sort of something like that. I'm going to think about it over the weekend, and then sign up on Monday.

I'm still playing with my PanPastels, and loving them! I've also purchased a set of firm Nupastels by Prismacolour - 24 pieces, along with a pad of Canson Mi-Teintes paper in assorted colours. They were both 50% off at Micheals (bring down the cost of them to equal what it is at Currys...markups on prices simply blow my mind sometimes...actually looked it up on Currys, the paper is still cheaper there than Micheals, even though it's 50%!!). Many pastel artists on have mentioned that these firmer pastels are good for intial underpaintings, and even adding some detail - so I thought it was worth while, and the price was right. I havn't had time to actually sit down with them yet, but I think the toned paper will make things a little interesting, and it's a good sized pad of paper. Most papers I'll probably cut in half, and that will give me up to 48 pieces to work with. I'm still have trouble with the idea / theory behind pastels, and have been seriously considering signing up for a Pastel Art class in South Hampton.I feel this will give me a good foundation to start on. I don't really want to spend any more on pastels (they're expensive!) until I know for sure that it's for me. The pastels I currently own can be combined with mixed media pieces, so I'm okay with those...but once you start getting into purchasing the really soft, lovely ones - the prices go up, a lot. This class, the instructor brings the materials and you just pay a 15$ material fee to use theirs, so I think it's a really nice set up for beginners.
I plan on making some pastel ACEOs in the next couple days, so I'll be posting those shortly in my online store as they come complete. If anyone has advice on shipping pastels, I would love to hear it! I know there is tons of it on the WetCanvas forums, but it's always nice to not have to search for it, :)

Also, I've been working away on my Map Project, and some new watercolours. With that course out of the way, I can spend my evenings after work this weekend painting and creating away!

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  1. You are weird. I would MUCH rather an exam than an essay - much less work goes into writing an exam! (At least for me that's how it was.)

    I think my sketchbook will be half sketchbook, half chapbook. I know I won't be able to decide until I get it & get started with it, so I'm glad I just went with the "undecided" ... gives me more time before I have to make a decision. Actually, makes it so I don't really have to make a decision! :)


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