Sunday, April 1

Welcome April

I cannot believe that it's already April! Time is flying by. I plan to get lots done and sorted out this month, but I've also got full-time shifts this month, so we will see how much really gets done, hehe.


I want to run more - this cooler weather is discouraging, so I'm hoping it starts to warm up again. Also, more healthy eating habits...when I work lots, I tend to eat worse - and I know I'm working lots this month so it will definitly be a challenge.


I plan to do some Spril cleaning, and declutter a bit - I need to make a trip to GoodWill. You may have already noticed that I have a sale going on in my online shop.I will be posting artworks that I've had lying aroud that haven't be posted before, as well as items that I have had around a little too long. There will be some great steals on original paintings in this section, and they'll only be around for April. Come May, everything will go back to regular pricing.

  • New paintings for Spring. I have a new series in the works
  • Some digital / typography artwork. I have a bunch of ideas in my sketchbook - I just have to sit my bottom down on my laptop and work them out
  • Finish a mixed-media collage
  • Finish that painting with the branch
  • Finish the Map Project - it's due at the end of the month, and I hope to have it out mid-month to give it lots of time to arrive.
  • Another painting, or two, in the series with the flowers
  • A recipie, or two
  • Some book reviews on the Dark Tower series that I've been reading
  • A home / apartment DIY
  • A shopping guide, or two
  • Lots of sketchbook updates, of course and plenty of updates on my various art works.
I am also finishing up a distance education course, so that will take up time and is a top priority item because it has deadlines and an upcoming exam in May that I have to get a nice, high mark on.

So lots will be going on this month, and I hope to share lots of it with you:

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