Thursday, May 24

Bird of Paradise Pastel Painting

"Bird of Paradise" - 8x10" on prepared archival board.
 I finished my Bird of Paradise pastel painting on Sunday. This piece made me realise that I've still lots to learn about pastels, but also - having more pastels, of varying hardness / softness really helps pull things together to achieve what you're aiming for. 

Pastels go through so many "ugly-stages" that it's often hard to not give up. That's what sort of happened with this piece, it was at a very ugly stage and I just set it aside for awhile. I picked it up again, and added more "ugly stages" and then eventually turned all that around into a completed piece. I could understand why some people might get discouraged with have to add many layers to get a completed piece. 

I always love the look of it when it's clipped onto my easel, with all the pastels at the bottom. 

I've started working with the pastels on my easel as the 'dusty bits' just fall down onto a piece of newsprint that I can easily clean up - and not all over the place like when I am working flat.

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