Wednesday, May 30

My Creative Space

The first step after getting all my pastels last week was to *gulp* snap off ~1/3rd of the pastel, and organize them a little. Working with the complete large sticks is not the most practical thing. It's easier to handle smaller pieces, and when they're smaller you can use the sides to blocks in large areas and lightly shade.

Sort of looks nice still - a rainbow of pastels! They aren't "perfectly" placed, but the more I work with them the better organized by hue / saturation they will be. Next, was to paint some sort of picture with them!! I choose to do one of the challenges from using a supplied photo from a member there.

I probably should have stopped working the petals at
this point, and just added the freckles and other details.
But...I didn't....

And then it's done....

I do think this piece is a little overworked...but it is my first piece with the mount visions, and working with softer pastels is so different than working with those super hard NuPastels. It's looks like a flower, so in the end = winner, hehe.


  1. Wow, I love the colours, it turned out beautifully.......

    How wonderful to be able to pick up a pastel and create such a picture.

    Love the box of pastels too....

    Claire :}

  2. Beautiful! And the photo of your tray of pastels is a piece of art photography!


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