Sunday, June 24

Beaches and Trials

I started off Saturday sitting at the beach reading for a little while. It was nice and relaxing - and it got me out of my tiny apartment while the boy slept the day away after working a busy night shift. I tend to make extraordinary amounts of noise when he is sleeping during the day, despite my efforts to try and keep quiet. 

Then, in the afternoon - evening, I started a new pastel painting. A landscape based on a photo I had. This is where the trials (and many errors) came. This piece was a struggle, and I still don't really like it. I just have to accept it though: as an artist, not everything you create will be something you love. It's sort of an unspoken golden rule. A nice little exception to that rule: even if you don't love it, someone else might - we all see things differently.  Also, sharing this 'not-so-successful' painting will let everyone know that learning a medium is a process, and not everything an artist does is perfect to them.

First marks...

Being that this isn't an acrylic / oil painting as I'm typically used to - I can't paint over the entire piece when done. It's on paper, and it will only take so much abuse. Watercolour is the same sort of idea - you only get one chance to lay down colour: if it doesn't suit you, you can't take it of...well, you can try with watercolour, but you might not get it all off. 

Adding in the sky...feeling good about this piece still

Added forest in and my mass of autumn trees.
 This is where things turned a little sour in the process. I knew that mass of green trees to the left was too much. So I took them out - I took a paper towel and rubbed it down until most was gone - there was still traces of it on the paper, so I had to be careful when lying other colours on top of it:

A plainer background helps the autumn foliage stand out a bit more
 After adding some more sky-holes in the tree, it's done. Well, supposed to be done. Like I said before I'm not a complete fan of it. The colours of the tree are way more vibrant in life I must say. A little too vibrant - but how I love bright colours!

"Untitled" - 8x10" pastel painting
And here are some details below:

I know one of my 'mistakes' with this piece was filling in the tooth of the painting way too quickly. I read something online about alcohol underpaintings, and how it might save a layer or two of tooth. I think I will have to start looking into those. 

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