Wednesday, June 27

Big Shop Update!

I just finished a fairly big update to the shop. I added lots of pastel paintings, and they're all matted with standard sized mats, with backing board, and ready to pop into picture frames! This means that buyers don't have to invest in custom frames, these standard sizes are very easy to find all over the place (unless of course they still want to custom frame). 

'Bird of Paradise' - Original Pastel Painting Available

Clouds I - Original Pastel Painting Available

Daffodil - Original Pastel Painting Available

Golden Path - Original Pastel Painting Available

Radiant Lily - Original pastel Painting Available

Spring Cardinal - Original Pastel Painting Available

All listings have the dimensions of the actual painting, and then dimensions of the mat - so you can get a frame ready for when it arrives!

I've really been really taking to these pastels, as I'm sure you've noticed. Don't worry - I'm still working on watercolours lots too, and will be sharing some new ones. I think I've found my two 'main' mediums though that I'm super excited to use: watercolour and pastels. 

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