Saturday, June 23

Cloudscape Pastel Painting

"Cloudscape I" - Pastel Painting, 8x10"
 I completed another pastel painting - Cloudscape I - it was so, so much fun painting these fluffy clouds! The picture does not do it justice at all - the blues at the top of the sky are remarkable.

All the different pastel colours I used to complete these piece,
with the exception of the PanPastels that I had started with.  All are
Mount Visions with the exception of the white hue Terry Luwig.
You'll notice that most of the pastels I used are just different hues / shades of each other, and some aren't very off from each other at all. Welcome to the world of being a pastelist - you need every little hue, or at least some variety, whereas with painting you can mix up what you need. I unluckily didn't realize that, and jumped into this medium head first, loving it all the way. Now, I'll have to face the consequences of that love. So far I've been really good with being able to create what I need from the mere 75 mount visions sticks, 16 PanPastels, and the 15-ish random sticks ones I purchased in the beginning - eek! I'm already at almost 100 pastel sticks!

You're probably also wondering what grossness all these pastel are sitting in - it's ground up white rice. It's good at keeping them clean, and pulling off loose dust - which is usually dust from other colours. Pastels get really dirty really quickly, and this rice is keeping things in check. It's also nice, because the sticks won't roll all over the place either.

I've been super good with creating this week! Wow! I think this afternoon I'll have to pull out the watercolours after packing up orders. 

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  1. Beautiful! I appreciate skyscapes -- Here in the Midwest, the sky is often our "scenery."


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