Friday, June 22

'Floral Flame' Tulip Pastel Painting and Process

"Floral Flame" - Detail

I've been trying to dabble with my pastel more, and as you might have noticed - I'm sort of being successful with this. This week I've been able - so far - to complete three pastel pieces. This one, even though smaller, took the longest just because of all the details of the flower. It's easy to take your own artistic liberties with landscapes, as I did with my last two pieces this week - altering colours and adding / taking out elements. But with a floral piece, it's still has to look like a flower in the end. 

Since I was able to complete this one during the day, and take nice pictures along the way, I thought I'd share the process of this one with you:

First step: adding blocked-in clours with PanPastels
 Since I couldn't decide on a background, I went with no background at all. With this decision, I choose to use the blue canson mi-teintes paper to compliment the golden yellow of the blossom. I had to be very careful then with this piece that I didn't put smudges in the background, and that my outlines were clean.

Step Two: Adding in details / more colour with my mount visions, building up layers.
After a light layer of the PanPastels, I'm able to use my Mount Visions and start building up layers. Since this paper can only take so many layers of pastel you have to be considerate about your 'actions'.

Step Three: final touches and signature 
 At the last step, I take a look and be sure I have the highlights and shadows in. I also went around with an eraser, and picked up all the pastel dust that had settled on the background of the piece. And here is the final piece, with a completion time of about 2 hours.

"Floral Flame" Pastel Painting - 5x7" on 6x9" paper.

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