Saturday, June 30

Some watercolour progresses....

Here are some watercolours that I've been working on...

Alphabet Tree watercolour - 12x16" in progress

Alphabet Tree - 12x16" watercolour in progress

Panda in a Bamboo Tree - 12x16" watercolour in progress

...and the watercolour that you've seen a couple times already. I think it's starting to take shape into a recognizable form...anyone know what it is yet?

16x20" watercolour in progress
This piece is taking a longer time, because I'm using pools of water and paint to achieve the effects that I'm after. This takes a long time to dry, and I want it to dry naturally (not with a hairdryer) so I don't get hard lines in unwanted areas, and so I don't 'blow' the paint around. And, being watercolour - it takes layers to achieve depth, especially in the darker this will be a piece that I wouldn't be surprised if it took another month, or even two or three.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! It's Canada Day weekend over here, and I'll be heading to a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game tomorrow afternoon to celebrate in Toronto!

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  1. They are all wonderful. I am especially fond of the panda.


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