Thursday, July 5

Birch Tree Forest Pastel Painting

I worked on this pastel painting tonight - just finished it actually! It took about 3 hours of consistent work, and once 'scrapping' incident. When I 100% don't like the painting, I take an old credit-like card, and scrap all the pastel off that I am able to, and restart. I am still always surprised with the end results. When I work, my face is 'right-up-in-there' in my work, and so when I finally step back, I am (usually) pleasantly surprised. These photos were just taken with my cell phone, so they're not super - I'll be able to take better pictures when I have some daylight.

Detail of the juicy pastel layers. Despite what some people think, you can get
very nice texture and layers with pastels
I will be posted a better picture later, probably this weekend, with a link to it in my online store for purchase. So, if you're interested in purchasing in, check back soon :)


  1. Love the painting. I purchased one of your prints (The Turning Print)a little while ago and now have it framed and on my lounge wall. I love it. Thanks Cx

  2. Hey Angie, I love this picture, the colours are gorgeous.

    Claire :}


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