Wednesday, July 18

Fish WIP Pastel..and some randomness

As you can see....I haven't gotten too much further with my Betta pastel. I got a little stumped on the end tail since there is some curvy bits so I'm taking it slow so that I get it right. I've also been working on a couple commission paintings on the side - getting sketches and colour swatches ready for my clients.

Exciting news: I got featured on the blog Marketing Creativity, you can see my interview by Lisa, here. She has a very beautiful blog with lots of great articles that are perfect for all those creative hearts out there!

Oreo, I must say, is not as busy as I have been...he's just lounging around as he always does - the life of a cat hehe.

And one last random thought: 

This song has been in my head all week!

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  1. After reading your post I knew I had heard the voice before, and thanks to Wiki I found out the lead singer is the same as The Format. Ever heard any of their music (well their first cd I didn't like the 2nd as much)? It's pretty great too.


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