Sunday, July 8

Ghost is changing!

Ghost, my siamese fighting fish, has changed a lot in the short(ish) time since I've gotten him.

Before, he has a slight shimmer to him, and was pretty pale and 'angelic' looking. I have a feeling he was quite the young little fish, as now he has also all colour to his main body, a deep turqoise colour and shimmer on his tale and top fin, and a very nice red lining his bottom fins:


Swimming around so much, it's was hard to get some clear shots of him
... he is still quite the active fish too! Always coming out when it's time for food, or to greet you if you're close to his bowl. Oreo has no interest in him since getting nipped on the nose once trying to drink his water - yes, it really happened! Oreo looked a little confused and a little disgruntled over know how he can get hehe.

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  1. He's gorgeous!!! Such an unusual colour, and his fins are a different shape than my guy's... I wonder if he's a fancy variety?


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