Wednesday, July 4

Handmade Love: Whales

I absolutely adore whales! I'm not really sure why, I just feel so intrigued every time I see a photo of them. Maybe it's because some of them are so huge? Maybe because their antics from nature shows are completely adorable? Either way, when it comes to whales: it's love.

Narwal Sculpture - MaidofClay, Etsy
I really love Narwal's too - and those little sculptures make me smile so much. If you remember my painting - Old Norse Iceberg, it featured one of these lovelies. I also included a larger whale, a Blue Whale, in my map project for the ArtHouse Co-op. I must say, I wish I've been able to include more in my work....maybe that's something I need to work on?

Kissing Whales Tshirt - FuzzyInk, Etsy
If you're not completely sold on whales, just take a look at that tshit ^^, it's so super cute! Completely playful, and 100% adorable! So is this necklace below:

Happy Whale Necklace - laonato, Etsy
...if you haven't really ever loved whales...I don't know what to say! These mammals are so neat!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my little narwhal sculpture! There's a seller on Etsy that sells little silver narwhal pendants that are just adorable.


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