Friday, July 13

Pink Sky Pastel Landscape

"Pink Sky" - ACEO Pastel (2.5x3.5"), Available.

I created this little beauty last night right before bed. I got a jolt of inspiration from seeing my lovely pastels all over my desk, and went to work. It was created with my Mount Vision pastels, with some of the pastel pencils for the smaller details. Done on 240lb watercolour paper treated with Colourfix (Pre-made paper by Colourfix). It's currently available for sale in my online shop.


  1. Hey Angie, another beautiful picture, love the colours.

    Claire :}

  2. Beautiful!

    Living in the Midwest, our landscapes can be pretty flat and boring, but our skyscapes are incredible! I've learned to appreciate all the colors in the sky. The sky is not just blue or gray.


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