Monday, July 9

Round Bales Pastel Landscape Painting

Round Bales - 8x10" Pastel Painting
I got some new pastels today, so I thought I would take some of them to create a painting. I decided to create this piece using a selection of pastels from my small Unison set.

Here is my process:
Quick basic sketch to place shapes

Blocked in colour, and used alcohol to lock it in (not shown)

All done!

Round Bales is available for sale in my Etsy store, and it comes matted as do the rest of my pastel paintings:


  1. Amazing work! Those bales look so dimensional!
    (I remember when hay bales were rectangular.)

  2. Thank you Pasqueflower! There are still square bales, just depends on what the farmer needs them for, and his storage / feeding options. :)


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