Tuesday, July 31

Sketchbook Collaboration Update

This year, along with my regular contribution to the sketchbook project, I am also submitting a collaborative sketchbook that I'm working on with a good friend, Amanda from Ulixis. For this collaboration, we are taking turns starting pages, and collaborative spreads. I started some and finished some before sending it back to Amanda:

My start of a collaborative spread.
Materials used: glass bead gel, acrylic paint, glazing medium

Left: Amanda(completed first)
Right: my page based on inspiration from Amanda's
Materials used: peeled paint chips from my palette, gel medium, acrylic paint,
 white ink, mica flakes, washi tape
This is how the below spread was started by Amanda, and then I finished it...
Image from Ulixis.com
Materials used: acrylic paint, Vaseline, purple foil, black marker, string gel, ground for pastel, PanPastels,
washie tape, old book pages, finished with golden acrylic varnish coat.

My start to a collaboration page that Amanda will finish.
Materials: Masking tape, PanPastels and Acrylic spray - to set the pastels

My side of a two-page spread. This one isn't done yet...I was still thinking of
how to carry out the rest of it. Amanda gets the right page.
Materials used, so far: Acrylic paint, white ink, PanPastel, burnt watercolour paper (yes, I lit it on fire),
affixed key and lock items, watercolour, decorative paper, gel medium
I think this was the most mixed media that I've done in a long time, and it was so much fun to work on!

It just arrived in Amanda's mail box today, so it won't be back to me for a couple weeks. I'm excited to see what she does with the pages I started, and what pages she gives for me to finish!

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  1. Beautiful work and awesome idea. I am now trying to figure out how to do something similar with my craft! Thanks for the idea and keep posting updates. -Kristin


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