Tuesday, August 14

DIY Polka-Dot Nails

Everyone who knows me, probably knows that I like polka-dots a little bit - okay, a lot. I had some time yesterday evening, so I thought I would do some polka dot nails. I saw online, months ago, someone who had done a 'focal nail' as well, with the colour scheme reversed; and so that was my approach. Since I do have to go work at the hospital with this, I picked a 'tame' colour scheme of two similar colours in different shades. But you could do something a little more wild of course! 

Colours: Maybelline - Peachy Petal and Sally Hansen - Sorbet
First apply two coats of your base colour (or as many coats as needed to get a solid colour). If you're doing a 'focal nail' pick which one; I picked 2nd digit, and paint it the other colour on both hands. Let dry, and then we're ready for some dots! Bobby pins work wonderfully for making dots! So pull out a scrap of something, I used tin-foil so that it wouldn't leak through, and put a little puddle of your nail colour on it. Next, dip the tip of your bobby pin and apply dots as you wish - random or in a pattern of a sort. Let dry, apply top coat (so dots don't chip off) and tad-da - Your nails are now dot-a-licious! 

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