Sunday, August 12

Etsy Spree

A little while ago, I was at a festival where some girls had come and brought Hula Hoops to dance with...yes, I know it might sound...em, 'juvenile' but it was so incredibly cool, and sort of sexy in it's own sense. One of them let me try, and for the minute or too I kept it up, it was a workout and a half....and I completely loved it! So much in fact, that I thought I'd go to a 'Big Box Store' and buy a cheap hoop to play with...except, it didn't work! It was horrible! But, it was also - cheap, $3 gets you only so much I get what you paid for. Anywho, that hoop went to James neices and I went to Etsy....

..and fell in love. I purchase this "Supernova Watermelon Sparkle" hoop from HoopMamas, and she was such a sweetie! She even let me change the tape up a little - make the Olive Green into UV Pink (yes, the UV pink, and the UV green will glow if ever I'm around a black light. I don't forsee that, but you can never be too sure). I adored the fact that I could get a hoop that glowed; and the pink sparkle was drool-worthy.

HoopMamas gave an excellent guide on how to pick your hoop - size and weight. And they had tons of useful information on their website. They have sold so many hoops that I knew I coudl trust them, and their feedback is wonderful - everyone seems so happy. I knew I wouldn't end up with another 'Big-Box Store Experience'. The hardest part was just picking a colour-scheme - but they offer 100% customizable hoops, so if you have an excact idea in mind, they can cater to you :) I just saw the sparkly pink and bright green and knew that one was mine.

I just ordered it today...a little reward for all the hard Etsy work I've been doing and sales that have been coming in (got to give back to other Etsy sellers :D ). So I cannot wait until it comes into the mail! Then maybe I'll post a fun video on my first ride with it...we all know that will be a laugh :D

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  1. Congrats on your Etsy success. Love the hoop!
    I used to hula hoop as a kid. Now even though my hips are MUCH bigger, I don't think I could wiggle fast enough to keep it from falling to the ground.


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