Thursday, August 23

My Creative Space: Inspire & Flourish

I finished another spread in my art journal after getting my hands on some lovely stencils from the dollar store. 

I really love the texture that I got from it, and the PanPastels just clung to it wonderfully!

I still need to work on word placement, but I'm overall liking this spread. :)

Materials used (in order): Gesso, Stencils & Gel Medium,Acrylic paint, PanPastels, Collaged paper, Sharpie Markers, Ink Pad, Acrylic protective coat. 

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  1. word placement is probably the most time consuming part of a journal page! i always rearrange a dozen or so times before i'm happy with it - if i'm writing it down, i visualize it a bunch of different ways but don't always get what i imagine. :P

    love the colours that you used here!

  2. such scrumptious texture and colour

  3. I love these little glimpses into people's creative processes - thanks for sharing :)



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