Friday, August 10

Rainy Fridays

Sometimes, the rain is welcome. Today is one of those days - the rain is sending in a cool breeze through my windows, a making my apartment smell like spring. A very refreshing change from all the humidity that we've been having (although, I must say, I've gotten in so many beach days!).

I've finished running all my errands this morning, and so this afternoon will be free for artwork and such. I'm going to try and focus more on the art-side of business today than the online aspects (after this blog post, of course). Rainy days I find have always inspired me. They give a sense of renewal.

I spent the last couple evenings reading, I finished the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series a couple weekends ago; and the last two days I read 'Bared To You' by Sylvia Day. So I'm a little 'read out' for a while, and I know I need to get back to the Dark Towers Series by Stephen King. I'm three books to the end of that series. There's also a couple parody books of the Fifty Shades series that I would love to read, they always give a good laugh!

I took some more pictures of my art journal from yesterday, so really show the detail in the texture from the string gel:

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  1. agreed - rainy days are the best for creativity! I love that string gel grid - great texture! :)

    I can never be "read" out! As soon as I finish a book, I'm itching to start another. How was the shades of grey trilogy? I kinda want to read it, but I've heard comparing it to erotica is like comparing Twilight to Anne Rice's vampires... (not to mention I've read Anne Rice's erotica.... :P) - so poorly written but well hyped. Thoughts? Worth buying?


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